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Best Herb Grinder with Designs to Grind Your Goods

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Tired of spending money on grinders that don’t get the job done?

Are you trying to save time and money by buying the best weed grinder?

Tip: Buying a grinder online will save you money! You can get a grinder on a local shop. However, they will charge you a hell of a lot more. 

We have created a list of the best grinders you can get. We will rank them based on price, look and durability. We have included links to all of the grinders, we hope you like them. We are long time users just like you, so we understand your concerns. This is the list for the best grinders you can get on 2016 for about $20-30.

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There are three types of grinders: Metal, Acrylic and Wood.

Metal: Aluminum grinders are the most used. The main reason is because they are very durable and have multiple compartments. This helps you keep your herbs safe and collect kief. A lot of people ask if they are safe and the short answer is YES!.  You can google articles that talk about that, but yes! they are SAFE.

Acrylic: We don’t recommend using this type of grinders. The only plus is that they are the cheapest. However, they don’t last very long, they break and they just don’t get the job done like an aluminum grinder can.

Wood. Wood grinders look really good, their natural look is a plus. But they don’t have multiple compartments. So you won’t be able to save your herbs and collect kief if you use a wood grinder.




grinder with design #1 Weed Grinder

This herb grinder is one of the best grinders we have used. What we liked the most about it is its weed desing. It looks great and the color is amazing. It comes with a pollen scraper. It’s size is 2.2 inches and it has diamond teeth which gives a smooth grind.

It’s price is pretty cheap. When we checked, it was about $22 which is cheap since it is a very durable, high quality aluminum grinder. I got two, one as a gift.

You can check it out on Amazon and get it in just 2 days!!



#2 BestBuds Grinder
Black grinder main image

This is an affordable aluminum grinder. What we like most about it is its size. It is 2.5 inch, so it is a little bit larger than the purple grinder. It also has more diamond teeth. It hols a good amount of goods and it’s design is awesome. It says 4:20 in roman numerals and has a weed leaf on top.

It’s price is under $20We are surprised that they are not charging a lot more, since they work and feel like a $60 grinder.  You can get it on amazon.


#3 Mr Herb Grinder

mr herb This grinder sells for about $25 on ebay and it looks great. It gets the job done.  The only downside is that it is a little small. It’s size is 1.96 inches. Which is sort of small however it gets the job done. It is a 4 piece grinder and comes with a pollen scrapper. It also has diamond teeth which are perfect to grind herbs fast.

Its design looks pretty cool.  Check it out on Ebay.





herb grinder?


#4 Herb Grinder


This is a 2.5 inch grinder with a little twist. It is original and it looks great. It’s design is not the best nor targeted for weed smokers like us but it certainly gets the job done. If you like silver this is a great option.

You can get it on ebay for about $25.



#5 Dream Grinder. 


Dream Grinder


This grinder goes for about $22 on Amazon. It’s design is not the most attractive, however if you like silver and simplicity this grinder is for you.  It has a lot of teeth so it can grind herbs pretty fine and fast. Its size is 2.5 inches.